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OneNote and OneDrive Phishing Scams

We’ve seen this one come though a lot lately, and while our tools are getting better at blocking them, you still need to vigilant (like you do with every questionable email) to make sure you don’t fall victim. In this latest phishing email scam, attackers appear to be using compromised email address books to send legitimate-looking emails from legitimate contacts…

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Hurricane and COVID-related Phishing Scams

It is Hurricane Season (officially) and COVID season is still with us, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. And with every natural disaster, pandemic, or other major traumatic experience, there is always some jerk that wants to take advantage of the situation. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) wants to make sure you watch out for COVID-19 cyber…

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Watch Out for Spear Phishing

Phishing attempts are especially common around the holidays, so be sure to watch out for the signs. However, phishing attempts are becoming more sophisticated. The latest method? Spear Phishing. What is it and why should you worry? Spear Phishing is an attack attempt where the emails are sent to specific and well-researched targets purporting to be from somebody they trust.…

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Scary Phishing Method: The Inception Bar

Thankfully this is only proof-of-concept at this point, but one of the ways you could tell that you were at a phishing site was by examining the URL. But if you load this page in mobile Chrome (basically, your Android phone browser), you’ll see a URL bar for a different site. This is why proper web content filtering is needed…

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Keep an Eye Out for Phishing Attacks

Malicious emails are on the rise. According to the recent reports from ProofPoint, there was a 85% rise in malicious emails last quarter compared to Q2, along with a 600% rise in phishing attacks using malicious URLs. Compared to 2016, malicious URL attacks have risen a whopping 2200%. So what can you do to protect yourself from phishing scams? You…

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