Our unique nature will stand out in a crowd.

What Makes Weston Unique?

There are loads of IT and tech support companies out there. We are a bit different among the throngs of managed support companies. We believe we are a unique tech support company. Why would you choose to work with Weston?

Immediate and Friendly Help With SLA-driven Guarantees

Need help immediately? Call your CompleteCare-direct phone number, bypass our phone tree, and talk to a tech immediately to get help you need.

Prefer to use online chat to chat with our team? We have that, too.

Or just email us or use our support portal – whatever works for you.

And if we don’t work on your problem quickly enough, we’ll give some cash to a local charity.

Proven, Consistent and Well-Executed Service with Awesome Results

No matter who you work with, your experience will be consistent, following industry best practices and well-documented processes.

Our techs and our company have multitudes of industry certifications and constant training (and cross-training) to keep everybody well-versed in the technology that runs your business.

So no matter who you work with, the results are the same: Awesome!

People-Focused Support Like We’re Part of Your Team

Behind every piece of technology is a person. We understand that better than anybody with compassionate support that focuses on keeping your tech (and your people) productive.

We are a true partner in your business, assisting with strategic planning and making sure your tech is moving your business forward.

Our techs are more like a friendly co-worker, not some random stranger on the other end of the phone.

Call Weston Technology Solutions today to learn more about the unique value that CompleteCare has to offer.


- A Team That Supports Your
People, Not Just Your Technology