Why Buy From Weston

We specialize in flat-rate IT Services, but we frequently need to quote out other parts and services to our clients. Why would you purchase from Weston?

  • We better the lives of others. It’s our core purpose. As such, we dedicate a portion of all of our net income to charities we support.
  • We only sell software, hardware, and services that we trust. If we don’t support it and believe in it, we won’t sell it. Let us put our over 29 years of experience and expertise go to work for you.
  • We won’t sell junk. When you go to a big-box store and buy a super cheap computer, there are generally reasons they are cheap:
    • Lower quality parts leading to early failure. The specs on paper may be the same, but the parts used to meet those specifications are not.
    • Shorter and not-business-friendly warranties, frequently provided by a third parties and not the manufacturer, leading to extended downtime while you wait for parts or replacement. We will only sell business-focused next-business-day onsite warranties.
    • Extra software and bloatware installed that you don’t need and will slow down your computer (and lengthen the time it takes to setup).
    • They’ll include cheaper versions of Windows that won’t work with your business requiring you to spend more money and time to get a version of Windows installed that will work.
  • We’ll sell you what you need, and won’t oversell you something you don’t. We’ll work with you to determine what you need versus what they’re trying to sell you. Our personalized service will get you what you the best solutions for your business, not what the vendor is trying to unload.
  • We can track the warranty information for you and assist with warranty repairs, should the need arise (we won’t sell full systems or servers with anything less than a three-year warranty plus we have options for accidental damage protection, which will frequently cover where the warranty won’t).
  • We are certified. We are a certified Microsoft partner and we have Microsoft, Sonicwall and Cisco-certified technicians to service your purchase, post-sale. We have documented HIPAA-training. And we are certified resellers and partners for many other products (Dell, HPE, Microsoft, Sonicwall, APC, Adobe, among many others).
  • We’ll work to verify compatibility. We can work with you and your software vendors to verify that the system and/or software you purchase will be compatible with your current environment. We’ll help you translate vendor tech speak into something you can understand.
  • We charge actual shipping charges. What our distributors and vendors charge us is what you get charged, no more.
  • We can finance. Financing available for purchases over $3000.

We’re not ever going to be the cheapest place to buy hardware. We are a service-oriented company and we will only sell what we truly believe are the best solutions and hardware for your business.

Contact us today and let us get you a quote!


- A Team That Supports Your
People, Not Just Your Technology