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    The right technology engineered, implemented, maintained, & secured to help your firm grow.

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    Consistent high-quality results

    Get peace of mind that IT is done right.
    Backed by our
    SLAs & Happiness Guarantee.

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    Empower your people

    Get more done in less time.
    Improve quality, consistency,
    and your client satisfaction.

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    Are IT Issues Hurting Your Bottom Line?

    Empower Your People With Our Managed IT Services.

    Investing in reliable technology and IT services specific to your firm’s needs is critical for maximizing the productivity and financial impact of your employees, while also enabling you to deliver the excellence your clients expect.

    Some symptoms Your Current IT Service is not ideal:

    • Your IT provider is unreliable.
    • You can’t get immediate IT support.
    • Your IT support lack’s the required skills.
    • You’re experiencing downtime and disruptions.
    • You’re worried about your IT security, or compliance.
    • You’re not seeing a return from your IT investment.

    and your feeling…

    frustrated, stressed, and concerned IT is jeopardizing your company and clients?

    Empower Your People Through IT

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    A Team Of Experts

    For over 29 years we’ve been helping
    clients leverage technology to improve
    their business operations.

    MSP Verify and Cyber Verify Audited Manage Service Provider
    Externally Audited

    Less than 5% of MSPS have obtained
    this level of certification. We relentlessly
    pursue excellence to help ensure our
    client’s success.

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    Results You Want

    With our our Happiness Guarantee &
    our Service Level Agreements, we help
    you leverage IT to meet your business

    We get it. Business is challenging. IT should help.

    Equip your firm with the right Managed IT services and technology to empower your employees,

    achieve your company goals, and have your clients raving.

    “In late 2010 we were re-evaluating the IT needs of our company. We had been utilizing the services of a small IT company that had been working well for us for several years. As our firm grew and technology changed and evolved, we had come to the decision that we needed more support and service than our current IT Company could provide. We decided to meet with Weston T…”

    Johnita Callan, Marketing Director, Owner, Callan Accounting Services Bend, Oregon

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    Managed IT Services

    Fully Managed IT


    Reduce downtime, increase profitability,


    make your technology work for you.

    Co-Managed IT


    Want to help your internal IT staff? We

    enable them to focus where they are

    strong and we take over the rest.

    How It Works

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    1. Initial Meeting

    Discuss your business goals and your technology frustrations.
    Learn about CompleteCare and the unique value we deliver.
    Determine if Weston is a good fit as a business partner.

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    2. Assess & Plan

    We assess your existing infrastructure and interview key
    personnel regarding their use of technology.
    We define, identify metrics to measure, and engineer your ideal
    a solution.

    3. Implement & Grow

    We resolve any existing technology issues.
    We implement your solution with industry best practices.
    We help ensure your team is empowered with the support they
    need to reach your business objectves.

    Choosing The Right Managed Service Company For Your Firm Can Be Taxing.

    If you’re still not sure, save time, money and get our free Managed IT Service Provider Selection Guide today. Make a calculated decision.

    Is Weston Technology Solutions the right choice for your business?

    At Weston Technology Solutions, we’ve spent over 30 years designing and supporting IT solutions for professional service companies. We focus on delivering consistent, high-quality results for our expert clients, and our headquarters are right here in Bend, Oregon.

    We align our solutions with our client’s processes, goals, and compliance needs. And as one of less than 5% of MSPs globally, we voluntarily undergo third-party audits, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and accountability.

    We work with CPA firms and Wealth Management companies with 20 to 250 employees.  We also work in other, compliance-intensive industries such as Healthcare, and Architectural, Engineering, and Construction services.

    Whether you need a full IT department or supplemental support for your in-house team, we offer Service Level Agreements and our unique Happiness Guarantee.

    If you’re considering a change in IT services, or need additional support, and you’re part of an industry we serve, reach out to us today.

    If doesn’t sound like we are an ideal fit, get our Managed IT Service Provider Selection Guide to help you find the ideal IT Support company for your business.

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    Managed IT Service Provider Selection Guide

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