Top 10 Reasons CEOs Hate IT

StressedIf you’re a CEO for your company, you might see that your IT infrastructure is a necessary evil in your organization. Here are 10 reasons why you might hate IT.

  1. I don’t understand IT. The scope of IT and the complexity of the company Network is difficult to understand and even harder to manage in today’s world. Cloud computing and the multitude of apps to run your business requires much more attention.
  2. Security of my Network keeps me up at night. Protecting your business from threats should be a top concern. The problem is, as threats increase and mutate, it gets harder to manage hardware, software, and the human element. The bad actors think about this every day. You should too.
  3. It Breaks. We Fix it but it’s costly. Chasing problems and putting out fires is a reactive mentality and sucks time and money from your core duties of running your business. In the meantime, there’s no time to manage machines, warranties, compliance, security, da-ta storage, and app best practices. Focus on the Big Picture.
  4. I don’t have time. Operationally, your Business Continuity plan is the proactive approach to help your bottom line. How would you benefit if your business had a plan to manage soft-ware, aging machines, cloud computing/storage, remote devises, and standard levels of security? More Time!
  5. Frustrating Downtime. When things don’t work, panic ensues. Worse yet it leads to lost revenue and higher operating costs. What if you had a team to manage vendors, proactively watch for problems, install new software, or swiftly bring systems back online? Mitigating disruptions leads to less downtime which leads to peace of mind knowing the problem will be resolved.
  6. New Users, New Technology, Passwords and Document Management costs hours. Don’t let these daily interruptions keep you and your team from operating at the highest level of efficiency and productivity. Free your hands and save on diminishing company resources.
  7. Our IT Department is overwhelmed. The demands on these vital operations needs the best in the field to ensure your business is maintaining hardware, resolving, and updating application issues, and ensuring full recovery in the event of a disaster. Giving over these critical responsibilities to a trusted partner frees your people to do what they do best.
  8. It’s hard to figure the real Cost and Impact of IT. Business ending threats are in the head-lines every day. They range from lost revenue, thousands of dollars in theft or fines, and lost or stolen data. Security and Compliance must be a priority because if you are compromised the costs are significant and the repercussions are felt throughout your business.
  9. What is the best way to manage my office, remote, and field team devises? The multi-layered environment and architecture of your teams remote working needs puts greater demands on an already challenging IT landscape. Your goal should be to maximize productivity.
  10. I don’t know who to trust with this critical part of my business. You don’t know where to begin and it’s expensive. It comes down to trust. But the bottom-line is would you be more strategic, more secure, and more productive if you knew every detail was being managed and monitored. That is the question.

However, those things you hate are pains Weston can address. Interested in how Weston’s services can help you with these frustrations? Book some time with us or call our sales department today.

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