$20,000 for Charity and You Can Help Make it $40,000

    As we’ve mentioned, Weston is celebrating its 20th year in business this year. A big part of our core purpose at Weston is “To better the lives of others.” We take that very seriously, contributing thousands of dollars  (and countless volunteer hours) every year to charities in our area as well as around the world (you can see some of the groups we support here). Part of that core purpose involves helping charities that are already in place and doing a great job of bettering the lives of our local communities. At Weston, this is a key component to why we do the work we do every day. We carve out a set percentage of every dollar we make to help these charities.

    With our 20th anniversary we are pleased to announce our big goal for the year: $20K raised for 20 years, and with your help, we are working to make it $40,000. Weston would like to raise $20,000 from our clients and the community this year to help support our chosen non-profit organizations. We’re going to try to start working on campaigns where Weston will match dollar for dollar the $20,000, making the total funds raised $40,000. This can provide a big impact on the Anchorage and Bend communities, allowing these organizations to better the lives of a multitude of people. We will be announcing more details on how you can participate in this challenge and we will be profiling each charity we support in articles in our newsletters and in blog entries.

    Let’s all step up and make this challenge a success!

    Update: Our first (and hopefully not last) campaign match is up and running. Help us rebuild the ReStore.

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