2017 Gift Guide for Geeks


It’s that time of year again! As we have in 2014, 2015 and 2016, we’re here to make shopping for that special geek on your list easier. All of the past gift guides are still tremendously helpful, and many of those gifts are still available and would be great ideas.

So this time around we’re going to be doing things a bit differently: We’re still going to linking to a bunch of random unique gift ideas (some good, some just funny), but we’re also going to be sharing some great sites that are chock full of great gift ideas. Read on for more!

First off, before we go any further, #GivingTuesday was last Tuesday, and if you’re at a loss for a gift idea, making a charitable donation in your geek’s name would never be looked down upon. We have a nice list of charities that we’ve donated over $21,000 to this year.

For when you want your laptop to be as thin as your smartphone: Yes, this is an expensive item, but the HP Spectre 13” Laptop is thin, light and beautiful.

For when you want your walls to look fancy: Any old-school nerd will appreciate this collection of classic gaming and movie prints designed in the style of van Gogh.

For when you really need to charge everything at once: 49-port USB Charging Hub. Power supply sold separately.

For when you really want to wear a Snuggie: Only if it’s made to look like Batman is wearing a Snuggie ever allowed.

For the subtle superhero: Speaking of Batman, the Justice League Collection clothing line allows you to wear subtle nods to your favorite superheroes without looking like you’re going to ComicCon.

For the Lord Of The Rings Fan: A field botanist has analyzed all the plant life of the Middle-Earth universe and produced a fascinating book.

For when the end of the world is near: If Zombies rise to take over the world, you’ll want this Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival kit on your side.

For when you want to eradicate flying pests: Flying insects can be annoying. Taking them out with a blast of salt is a lot of fun.

For when you want a lot of storage space in a small size: Getting a larger MicroSD card for your phone or tablet is always a good upgrade – especially when it’s a massive 400GB.

For when you never want to forget your charging cable: You can make a bracelet out of it.

For when you have funky-shaped ears: Custom-shaped earbuds will keep the sound in your ear.

For when you want to sound smart (or crazy) when spewing insults: Nothing gets the point across like Shakespeare.

For when you want to voice-control everything: Get an Amazon Echo. Unfortunately, there are 793 varieties (roughly) of Echo devices so this should help you find the right one.

For when we don’t have something on the list above: Be sure to check out some of these sites and guides with more unique gifts for Geeks:

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