2018 Year in Review


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As we bid adieu to 2018 and jump into 2019, we’d like to look back on the year at Weston. Specifically, we want to look back at what we have done at Weston, but also what you have done as readers of this newsletter and link back to the most read content of the past year. New Year’s technology resolutions of the past still apply as good practice and the 20172016 and 2015’s year- end wrap-ups are all worth a read.

Our core purpose at Weston is to better the lives of others. That is why we are in business in the first place. We work hard to better the lives of you, our clients, by reducing frustration and business interruptions due to technology while helping you plan out how to accomplish your business goals. We hope it comes across that we truly care about making your day a bit better when you give us a call or drop us a chat. We also truly care about the communities we live and do business in. We designate a percentage of our earnings to support lots of great non-profit organizations and continue to provide our time and expertise whenever we can. These organizations directly impact the well being of those in our local communities, nation and the world and we feel it is a privilege to help support them.

In 2018, we became a SonicWall Silver partner. We debuted a new authentication product that allows you to login with your fingerprintWe redesigned our Website. We introduced you to StephanJosh, and Charlie (even though Charlie technically started at the end 2017, we didn’t get his profile online until later). We even survived a pretty strong earthquake. Our team also gained more technical certifications, with folks garnering Office 365 and Exchange certifications, among others.

Looking forward into the New Year, 2019 will be our 25th year in business. And to think it feels like we just celebrated our 20th. We couldn’t have gotten here without you, so we thank you.

We hope this newsletter has been a valuable resource to you (and please email us if there is any particular type of content you’d like to see). We ran some numbers to see what people are reading in this newsletter and on our blog. These individual articles from the last year were the most popular based on newsletter clicks and post views, so you can revisit them again or read them for the first time if you missed them when we mentioned them before:

In addition, we have some greatest hits that are still popular years later:

If you’re looking to catch up on all the past reading material, you can find find past issues here and follow our blog posts here.

Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to working with you in 2019!

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