A New Look for Outlook Common Features

    When you’re in Outlook you’re probably used to looking in the bottom left of the Outlook Window to open up your calendar, contacts, and other Outlook functions. That menu is going to be moving soon and you can actually move it now, if you’d like.

    So here is what it looks like now to find that menu:

    However, coming soon, that menu is going to move to make it more accessible and easier to get into the various functions available in Outlook (which is expanding more and more with its tight integration with Microsoft Teams). Coming soon, you’ll see that menu in the upper left of your Outlook window:

    If you’d like to turn this feature on sooner than later, click on the “Try It Now” switch in the upper right corner of Outlook, restart the program, and you should be good to go!
    As an Office 365 subscriber, that menu will expand to encompass links to services that come with your Office 365 subscription (Teams, Lists, To-Do, Yammer, etc…) that have integrations with Outlook.

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