A New Microsoft PowerToy: PowerRename

    The first PowerToys in Microsoft’s PowerToys resurrection  were released a few months ago. Another tool has been added to the Toy list: PowerRename. If you’ve ever wanted to rename a bunch of files at once, this utility will help make that much easier.

    Power Rename

    From the readme page (which includes more power examples on using this tool):

    PowerRename is a Windows Shell Context Menu Extension for advanced bulk renaming using simple search and replace or more powerful regular expression matching. While you type in the search and replace input fields, the preview area will show what the items will be renamed to. You can toggle specific items to include or exclude from the operation in the preview area. Other checkbox options allow more control of scope of the rename operation. PowerRename then calls into the Windows Explorer file operations engine to perform the rename. This has the benefit of allowing the rename operation to be undone after PowerRename exits. PowerRename was designed to cover the majority of bulk rename scenarios while still striving for simplicity for the average user.

    This PowerToy release also fixes some issues with the FancyZones window manager to allow it better handle multiple monitors.

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