Adjust Kerning (Letter Spacing) in Word

In typography and graphic design, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in to achieve a particular result (generally to make it look nicer or easier to read). If you don’t have your letter spacing done properly, you end up with results like this:

Or this:

Kerning is something that some programs have done automatically using a typeface’s kerning values (when available in a font). However some fonts are better at automatically adjusting letter spacing than others, there’s a chance you’ll still need to adjust kerning manually. While professional graphic design programs make kerning changes easy, Microsoft Word hides the feature a bit. But it is still possible to adjust the kerning in Word. Here’s how you do it.

Open up the document you’re working on. Highlight the text you want to tweak.

Right-click on the text and select “Font” (or click on the “Font” drop-down arrow on the main Home menu on the ribbon):

Click on the “Advanced” tab to see the “Spacing” section with a few options:

  • Normal: The default spacing.
  • Expanded: Increase the amount of space between characters.
  • Condensed: Decrease the amount of space between characters.

Since we want to make things a bit tighter, select “Condensed” and click on the Down arrow until you get the affect you want. After done tweaking you’ll end up with something a bit better looking:

You can see how much nicer the spacing looks on this and you don’t end up with a bad case of keming.

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