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    You’ve likely heard of all the rage around AI lately, but you may be asking yourself: How can it help my business? When ChatGPT first came out, folks had all sort of fun playing with it, but there was a problem: ChatGPT was a public service, and data and queries you were serving into it didn’t have any sort of security controls or privacy policies so you didn’t know where that data was going and how it was going to be used. We didn’t (and still don’t) recommend using your company or your client’s information in a public service like ChatGPT as you have no idea what’s happening with that data.

    Microsoft announced its AI-driven Copilot about a year ago, and has since rolled out AI-features into a new Teams offering (you can compare what CoPilot offers vs the Teams offering here). Now that Copilot is available to folks via Office 365 (and with proper data security controls which gets dug into further here), we’ve started playing with a bit internally to see if it would be of value to our clients. We tend to lean into new services cautiously as we want to make sure that things work to actually make you more productive and aren’t just the shiny new thing. But so far, it looks like it can be a fairly useful tool once you get used to how it does things.

    Microsoft has a great Copilot adoption page that goes into the all the things it can do, what’s required, etc… . But if you’re a visual learner, here’s one blogger’s demo of some of the things he’s learned about Copilot over the last few months:

    As we start to use and learn more about Copilot, we’ll be sharing it here. If you’re interested in rolling out a seat or three of Copilot for your business, contact us today and we can get you pricing.

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