AI Features Coming to Microsoft 365

Microsoft is going all-in on AI, investing a ton of money into ChatGPT. With that investment, they’ve recently introduced Copilot, an AI-powered automation tool for Microsoft 365. Check out this introduction video:

You can also watch the “Future of Work with AI” Webcast where Microsoft execs talk about how AI “will power a whole new way of working for everyone”:

Copilot is powered by the “Copilot System” and this quick video explains that a bit:

As it stands, however, there’s a lot of marketing speak and buzzwords, but not a whole lot of “How does it work” or “How do we use it?” or “How much does it cost?” type of information. It’s a lot marketing hype at the moment. Office Watch has a good summary of what they think it’s going to be able to do, but that’s still all a shot in the dark since nobody (other than the folk at Microsoft who are developing Copilot) can actually use Copilot at the moment.

Long story short: It does have the potential to automate a lot of tasks in a variety of Microsoft’s products, but we’re going to hold out judgement or excitement until we actually see it in practical use.

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