Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is now Entra ID

Azure Active Directory (aka Azure AD) has been around for 10 years ago, but it just now getting known outside the techscape as Microsoft’s product for cloud-based user identity and security management. But Microsoft also has a suite of products called Microsoft Entra, of which Azure AD was a part of. So Microsoft has decided to rename Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID.

Microsoft has made it clear: To make the transition seamless for you and your organization, there are no changes to any Azure AD capabilities, APIs, login URLs, PowerShell cmdlets, Microsoft authentication library (MSAL), developer experiences, or tooling. Only the name is changing.

You will start seeing the name changes show up in some of the products you use and on some of the login pages you use, which is why we’re letting you know. You also may see your Office 365 product names change a bit:

You can read more about change in their technical FAQ here.

Microsoft has a history of changing name of some of its plans (which always causes a kerfuffle), like they did a few years ago when they introduced some Microsoft 365 plans that caused the renaming of some legacy Office 365 plans. So despite user comments on Microsoft’s post and in news reports, they’re not going to change their mind, so we would expect this to move forward.

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