Better Outlook Address Book Search

    If you live out of Outlook and your address book in there is gold, it’s probably fairly large and hard to navigate. Microsoft’s search tools for its Address Book left quite a bit to be desired as it defaulted to name only searching. But they’re trying to fix it and make it better. In a new version coming soon, the default options will also you to search easier for for specific information in your contacts and have things show up properly. With the new default options, you can easily search for:

    • A last name (“Smith”)
    • A location (“Building 10”)
    • An email address (“”)
    • A phone number (“(123) 555-1212”)
    • A job title (“Senior Account Manager”)

    They’ve also made some interface changes to make things more useful:

    • The More columns option has been renamed All columns, to clarify that searches can be carried out on all available fields.
    • The All columns option is now the default search, to ensure that all the information available is being searched.
    • The Go button has been replaced by an arrow button, and an X button has been added to easily delete search text—both changes that align with Microsoft’s Fluent Design.

    This should help you find those elusive email contacts.

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