Better Performance (Hopefully) Coming Soon to Teams

Teams LogoMicrosoft Teams is slowly becoming the de facto centralized communications hub for businesses. Its integrations into all sort of other Microsoft products is making it the starting point for most employees’ work days. From video calls, chats, file sharing, meetings, etc… It works pretty darn well.

The problem? Its performance is awful and it sucks up a load of processor power and memory to run properly. Thankfully, that’s hopefully going to get better soon.

According to Verge, Microsoft is preparing a new version of Teams that will supposedly use 50 percent less RAM, less CPU, and less battery on laptops. It’s going to do that by switching from the Electron back-end software framework (which is used by Slack, as an example) to Microsoft’s Edge Webview2 framework and the popular React framework.

This is all in “Take with a grain of salt” territory, but any performance improvement will be welcome.

No current ETA on the new software version, but hopefully we’ll see it sooner rather than later. The Teams client built into Windows 11 already has bits and pieces of this code, so we’ll see where it goes.

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