New Payment Processing, Billing and Support Portal, and Bank Changes

Weston is working to make the lives of our clients (and our bookkeeper) a bit easier. There are a few changes coming up that may affect you if you use some of our online tools to pay your bills or support tickets. More details are to come, but here are the major changes:

  • New bank: Weston is moving our banking to a new bank over the next couple months. If you have automated ACH or EFT payments from your bank to ours, you’ll need to update those to go to our new bank. We’ll reach when we have more information on that.
  • New credit card and ACH processing provider: We are moving to a new credit card processing system that will allow for easier setup of ACH payments (our recommended method of paying us).
  • Easier Invoice Payment System: As part of the move to a new merchant provider, we’re moving to a payment processing and invoice payment system that is going to be far easier for you to use. You’ll be able to login, setup recurring payments, pay easily via ACH, and more.
  • New Customer Support Portal: Many folks pay their bills with us via our customer support portal. That portal is an old cludgy mess, and we’ve been wanting to move to the new version from our ticketing vendor for years but it hasn’t been an option due to our usage of the old payment processor. Now that we are moving to a new processor, we are going to be able to move to the newer version of the support portal that will allow you to just login with your Office 365 username and password. We’ll still need to enable your account, but you won’t have to remember another password for it.

We’re hoping to have more details on all this in the next couple months and we’ll be getting that over to the appropriate parties as soon as we have more details on everything.

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