Checkboxes Now Available in Excel

For far too long, you’ve had to be fairly creative to get checkbox-like functionality in Excel, usually using the developer functionality in Excel. Now, to simplify data entry and reducing errors, Microsoft is creating a new menu group called “Cell Controls” and their first control? The handy-dandy checkbox.

To insert a checkbox in a cell, On the Insert tab of the menu, select Checkbox in the Cell Controls group:

You’ll see checkboxes now appear in the selected cells. From a data value standpoint, the checked boxes are set to TRUE and the unchecked ones are set to FALSE (blank cells are set to FALSE automatically as well).

If an actively selected cell has a checkbox, you can toggle all the selected checkboxes by pressing the space bar.

It’s currently a known issue that you can’t directly remove checkbox formatting in a cell. To do so, you’ll need to select Home > Clear > Clear Formats for that box.

This feature hasn’t rolled out to everybody yet, but should start rolling out soon to more and more folks (currently available to Beta Channel users running Version 2310 (Build 196924.2000) or later).

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