ClipChamp Video Editing is Coming to Your Business

Clipchamp is a great online video editing application created years ago and acquired by Microsoft in 2021. It’s a nice, easy to use tool if you wanted to create, edit and export videos. Since its acquisition by Microsoft, it had one glaring limitation: You could only use Microsoft consumer accounts to use it (so an email ending in,, or even if you’re old-school like us). Microsoft is finally doing away with that limitation, and you’re now able to use it with your Microsoft Business account (so basically, your Office 365 login) and have it tie into your existing suite of products (OneDrive, SharePoint, Stream, etc…).

Check out the video they just released on the topic:

The nice thing about it being a fairly popular product in the consumer space is that there are a lot of good tutorials online. The Clipchamp team has a ton of Youtube video tutorials that will help you do what you need to do in there.

Read more on Microsoft’s announcement page here and you can read more in the FAQ on Clipchamp for Work.

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