Non-Profit Spotlight: Companion Animal Medical Project

We recently started a feature in our newsletter focused on how we truly take our core purpose – “To Better the Lives of Others” – seriously, and the impact some of those organizations we support are making. We’ve featured some great organizations already: Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Central Oregon, New Each MorningHospice of RedmondHabitat for HumanityConvoy of HopeStone Soup Group, and Kid’s Lab. This month, we’d like to feature an organization that provides free veterinary care to the unhoused population of Central Oregon: Companion Animal Medical Project.

Companion Animal Medical Project (aka CAMP) is a animal-focused and human-centered organization that aims to remove the barriers to veterinary care for those folks who need it. They are committed to improving the quality of life for both the owners and their companion animals and ensure that both the human and the pet have access to basic needs. They believe that in order to fully advocate for the animal, you must show grace and dignity to the person attached to it.

Since their inception, CAMP has (at no cost to owners):

  • Administered 2,180 vaccinations
  • 446 (336 dogs, 110 cats) spayed and neutered
  • Financially covered over 165 critical-care cases,
  • Distributed over 15,000 pounds of pet food.

Their goals include:

  • Decrease the number of houseless companion animals without access to veterinary care
  • Decrease the number of unplanned litters by providing access to spay & neuter services
  • Increase pet retention
  • Increase access to veterinary care in underserved, marginalized, and rural communities
  • Strengthen and support the human-animal bond

They have clinics throughout Central Oregon for low-income and unhoused individuals who need pet care.

CAMP also runs the Peaches Program, which is a program to answer urgent pet rehoming needs. They take in surrendered litter, ensure momma dog or cat is fixed, and reunite her with her owner. Then they put the new pets up for adoption, which helps with their fundraising.

If you want to know more about CAMP, you can read more at .

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