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    One of our big goals with CompleteCare Managed IT services is to provide the fastest, friendliest and most professional technology support to you and your business.

    One of the biggest differentiators is direct access to our techs. If you are a CompleteCare client, you have a direct phone line and chat capability that allows you to work directly to our team of professional consultants to help you with your issues. Whenever possible, this will put you directly in touch with one of our consultants with the goal to help resolve your issues quicker and on the first call or chat. Calls to our main numbers go to an auto-attendant/phone tree (and while Jake, the guy who answers the number, is a nice guy, he’s not nearly as much of a tech support wizard as the rest of the office). This number will allow you to bypass that tree (and Jake) and go straight to our techs. We also have forwards in-place as well so if the caller-ID detects you’re calling from the main phone number of a CompleteCare contact, you’ll automatically go to the right place, too.

    We’ve been doing this for a couple years now, and our clients are loving the direct-to-tech access. But as we’ve grown and added more clients, we wanted to make sure you get a reminder as well.

    Are you a CompleteCare client and don’t know your direct support phone number for your office? Email and we’ll give it to you. Interested in becoming a CompleteCare client? Email our Sales team for more information.

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