Convert a Teams Message into a Task

If you’re like some of us (like a certain newsletter editor), you tend to a have short attention span on Teams conversations. We tend to just blast through a Teams conversation to get onto our next task of the day. But what if you get pinged via Teams and want to make sure you take care of whatever was talked about? Convert that conversation into a Task that will show up in Outlook for you to follow up on. Here’s how you do it.

First off, find a conversation that you need to create a task with. Click on it, and click on the little three-dot menu to get into the options for that message:

Once you get into that menu, select “More Actions” and then “Create task.”

A dialog will pop-up, asking you where to create the task, priority level, due date, etc…:

Once you hit Add Task, the task will show up in your Tasks list in teams as well as in Outlook (if you use Office 365). Here it is in Teams:

And here it is in Outlook:

Once you mark the task as Complete in either program, it will remove the task in both places.

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