Quick Excel Tip: Copy Values from Status Bar

    Have you ever noticed the Excel status bar? It’s a quick way to get the sum, count, average, or other data about a range of selected values without having to setup a formula. Did you know you can quickly copy that data from the status bar? Here’s how you do it, using our spreadsheet from our stock data article as an example.

    First, highlight a range of values you want to quickly get some information about and you’ll see the status bar change and show some basic information about your selection:

    A new feature in Excel allows you to simply click on that status bar value to copy it to your clipboard where you can then paste it wherever you’d like, saving you trying to remember those values or having to screenshot them. Very handy!

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    • dan pham

      What happens if you clicked on Average on the Status Bar to copy the value, but it’s greyed out? Repairing and reinstalling Office didn’t resolve it.

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