COVID 19 Update

We at Weston just wanted to reach out and let you know that we will continue to be here to support you as well as support our team during this uncertain time. As COVID-19 cases spike in the areas we serve, we want to reiterate a few important items:

  • First off, our primary goal is to protect our clients, employees, and their families. Our team is mostly remote and has been for months, with limited staff at the office. We are fully committed to the health and safety of our team and our clients. We have made it clear to our team that we will follow guidelines of protection to minimize risk of exposure both at the office and at client sites. Our team understands this, but also understands that our core purpose is to better the lives of others. They take this to heart and are helping wherever they can to make sure our clients we work with (who span a variety of industries) are able to do their work and serve their customers.
  • Secondly, while we are still operating as fully as possible to assist our clients, we are cutting back on-site visits as much as possible. We will be cancelling scheduled support visits for at least the next two weeks, per local government recommendations and restrictions. We have a few necessary on-site visits that need to be done for certain projects, and will be there for our CompleteCare clients if there is a complete network down emergency. Many of the issues we see can be supported remotely and we’d encourage you to contact us instead of waiting for the next time we’re on-site (as it could be a while).

As always, if you are working from home you can still contact us for support from 8AM to 6PM Pacific Time. Keep in mind when working remotely that our CompleteCare contracts are for company-owned machines and networks only. If you need help with your home computer or home network, we can usually help, but we may need approval from management at your company to be able to do so as we don’t know all of your home equipment, have not budgeted to support it, and do not want to compromise your company’s security due to something we don’t know. That all being said, if your management team gives us permission, we’ll do our best to try to allow you to work remotely and securely.

A Word About New Equipment Availability

Many manufacturing and supply chains that were at full tilt over the summer are getting hammered again and are unable to keep up with demand. It may become difficult to procure new computers and other IT equipment in the coming weeks and months. As it stands at the moment, the availability on many laptop configurations are pushed out until mid-December or January, 2021.  Webcams are nearly impossible to find (they’re out there, they’re just not cheap).

Remote Working Tips

Be sure to follow our blog where we’re constantly posting tips and feature announcements for Microsoft Teams, lots of remote working tips, COVID scams to watch out for, and much more. Sign-up for our newsletter to have these tips emailed your way.

As always thanks for trusting us with keeping your business up and running.

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