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    Insurance for your business is complicated enough. There are various types of insurance you need to keep your business and your employees fully covered. More and more, Cyber Insurance is becoming a necessity because of the risks that are out there to your business. And insurance companies are cancelling more policies because companies aren’t meeting some of the basic requirements (is your business ready)?

    We’re obviously not an insurance company, nor do we play one on TV, but we’ve helped more than a few of our clients with getting in compliance with their Cyber Insurance company’s requirements for their policy. We’ve actually made a connection with a company that that’s all they do is Cyber Insurance, and they specialize in dealing with businesses who have Managed IT Service providers (like us) taking care of their environment (which means it’ll be easier and potentially cheaper for you to get proper coverage for your business). Give your Weston account manager a call or email and we’ll work through a couple forms with you to get that process started.

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