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Teams LogoWe talked briefly about a few of the features in Teams Premium recently. Teams Premium is an add-on license for Microsoft Teams that gives you access to a variety of additional features. One of them that was just released (though it was teased last year) is a new feature to use AI to clean up your video feed background. The new feature is called Decorate Your Background, and you can see it in action here:

When you click on the “Decorate” button in the video background area, you have a few different themes you can choose from:

  • Clean up- Designed to tidy up your surroundings, this theme removes clutter and creates a more streamlined and minimalistic aesthetic, elevating your room’s professional appearance.
  • Fancy- Enhances your space by incorporating lavish and traditional decorative elements to give your room a more elegant and adorned appearance.
  • Greenhouse- Adds plants and greenery into your space, infusing your room with a natural and lush ambiance.
  • Celebration- Includes festive decorations like balloons, streamers, lighting, and other elements, livening up your space for celebratory moments.
  • Surprise me- Cycles through a variety of styles to transform your space including 2D animation theme, underwater theme, a block-style design reminiscent of Minecraft, and a space shuttle theme, offering a new experience with every click.

If you do a lot of video calls with clients and want to hide or spruce up your ugly office or spare room you’re working in, this is a fancy and fun way to go about it. That being said, we’re not sure it’s worth the $7/month/seat additional unless you’re already using the other features in Teams Premium, as the regular backgrounds work fine, but it’s still a very cool feature.

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