Direct Service for CompleteCare Clients

One of our big goals with CompleteCare is to provide the fastest, friendliest and most professional technology support to you and your business. We are taking a new step to help move towards that goal.

If you are a CompleteCare client, you now have a direct phone line and chat capability that allows you to work directly to our team of professional consultants to help you with your issues. Whenever possible, this will put you directly in touch with one of our consultants with the goal to help resolve your issues quicker and on the first call or chat. Calls to our main numbers now go to an auto-attendant/phone tree — this number will allow you to bypass that tree.

Last week we sent an email to the main contacts at our CompleteCare-covered sites with the new direct-support phone number and how to access our chat. If you did not receive that email, let us know at and we’ll send you directions on how to get in touch with us as a CompleteCare client.

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