Don’t Fall for “Font Not Found” Warnings in Chrome


If you’re a user of Chrome, be wary of a scam that is making the rounds. If you accidently end up on a website that has a bunch of garbled text and a pop-up about a font not found and Chrome needing an updated font pack, do not click on the update button: That is malware waiting to happen.


If you see a window that looks like this, do not click on the “Update” button:

That Update button will infect your computer.

If you click on update and allow the application to run, you could be infected with malware, some reports stating that the fairly new Spora ransomware is being distributed this way (read our article on the many ways you can help protect yourself from ransomware).

If you’re interested, a very in-depth article about this type of malware and its discovery can be found here.

Chrome comes with everything it needs for fonts and does not have “Font Packs” that need to be updated. So just avoid that site that gives you that pop-up and move on.

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