Editing Subject of Received Outlook Messages

We’ve all gotten the useful email that has the utterly useless subject line – something to the effect of “FWD: Re: Read This Important Message!!1!.” Those messages may be important, but you don’t want that worthless subject line gumming up your inbox workflow. Thankfully, Outlook gives you the option to change it. Here’s how you do it.

Open up the message you want to edit in Outlook. Under the “Move” area under the “Message” menu, there’s an “Actions” drop down. Click on that and select “Edit Message”:


You can actually edit any part of the message, but if you click on the subject line, you can then make edits as appropriate to make it easier to recognize:


When you close the message down, it will ask if you want to save (or you can go to the “File” menu and do so manually). 

When you view the list of messages in your inbox again, the subject line will be something far more useful now. 

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