Emotet Malware Alert

The Emotet malware is an advanced trojan that can cause serious havoc and expensive recoveries for those that are affected. It’s been around a while, but after the holidays, there was a large uptick in spam attacks featuring the Emotet Malware and a lot more activity with the virus recently. For more technical details, you can read CISA’s alert, MalwareByte’s topic on Emotet.

This isn’t a new piece of malware, but it’s ugly and can cause some serious damage. It’s generally distributed via email in a phishing email with macro-enabled Word/Excel files, which are bad news. So always treat email attachments and their senders with suspicion. If you are one of our CompleteCare clients, you still need to be vigilant, but we do have a multi-tiered approached to your protection that should hopefully keep stuff like this at bay. And call your local tech team if you have any questions or concerns about what you are seeing in your inbox.

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