Tech Tip: Excel Formatting Shortcuts to Pretty-Up Your Spreadsheets

excelWe’ve taught you a bunch about Excel: page scaling, repeating rows and columns, controlling how Excel prints, and freezing rows and columns. One thing you know we’re big fans of is using keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity, and using them in Excel to format cells and make things look nice will speed up how you work in Excel. Here’s how you do it.

Cell Alignment:

  • To center the value within the cell, press Alt+H+A+C.
  • To align the value to the left, press Alt+H+A+L.
  • To align the value to the right, press Alt+H+A+R.

Setting Formatting of Values:

  • For general formatting, press Ctrl+Shift+~.
  • To format as currency, press Ctrl+Shift+$.
  • To format as a percentage, press Ctrl+Shift+%.
  • To format as a date, press Ctrl+Shift+#.
  • To format in scientific terms, press Ctrl+Shift+^.
  • To format as a number, press Ctrl+Shift+!.
  • To format time, press Ctrl+Shift+@.

Cell Borders:

  • To apply a border to all of a cell’s edges, press Ctrl+Shift+A.
  • To apply a border to the right edge of a cell, press Alt+R.
  • To apply a border to the left edge of a cell, press Alt+L.
  • To apply a border on the top edge of a cell, press Alt+T.
  • To apply a border to the bottom edge of a cell, press Alt+B.
  • To remove the borders from a cell, press Ctrl+Shift+_.

Font Appearance:

  • To have your data appear in bold, press Ctrl+B.
  • For italics, press Ctrl+I.
  • To underline the contents, press Ctrl+U.
  • To strikethrough the contents, press Ctrl+S.

Learn a bunch more Excel shortcuts over on Microsoft’s site.

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