Gifts to Make Your Employees’ Tech Life Easier

GiftOver the years, we’ve put together a handful of gift cards for the geeks on your list. You can go back and check them out from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2019 and get some inspiration. Since COVID hit, however, the world changed a bit and we encouraged folks to find a charity they believe in and give time and/or money on Giving Tuesday. We still would like you to consider supporting those organizations and the good they do in the communities they support.

That being said, we also like to think a little closer to home: your employees. Sometimes they could use a bit of something, too. Obviously, they’d probably like a chunk of cash and/or a raise, but we can’t help with that. What we can help with are things that might make their technical and office life a bit easier and nicer into the new year. So here are some ideas on things you can look into getting for your employees (and email our sales team if you would like us to get a quote for anything that isn’t linked below).

New Computer: This is an obvious one, we know. We recommend replacing computers every four years. If you have computers hitting that age, they’re ripe for replacement, which is going to be a productivity boon for your employee and will allow you to sleep a bit better knowing their computer’s death isn’t imminent.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: With all the gadgets and things on our desk, having a few less wires makes things much cleaner. Logitech has some inexpensive options and some really nice options that we like. Dell has some great options that will work with multiple devices or even more advanced ones that have built in collaboration buttons.

Better Webcam: If you spend a ton of time in video calls and Teams Meetings, you probably spend a bunch of time looking at your webcam. The webcam’s built into most laptops are pretty low quality compared to a good external web cam. And if you get a second camera, you can do some cool sharing in Teams. Logitech has some great HD and UHD/4K that work great and are pretty much plug and play. Dell has a high-end 4K option as well that has really good video quality, but doesn’t have a built in microphone, so that may be a problem if you don’t use a headset. Speaking of which…

Quality Headset: While you can certainly use a $20 headset, if you have a headset on all day, you want something comfortable, light, good microphone, and good audio quality (for when you want to listen to Spotify between calls) and ideally good noise cancellation for when you have shared office spaces. The folks in our office really like the Jabra Evolve line of wireless headsets. They’re optimized for Teams and are wireless, can be connected via Bluetooth to your phone and desktop app (like Teams) at the same time and are great quality. The Evolve 65 and Evolve 75 (basically the same thing but with a charging base) are the favorites here.

A Laptop Stand: If you use a laptop on your desk, connected to a dock and use your laptop as one of your monitors, an inexpensive laptop stand will not only give you some desk space back but will get your laptop up in the air a bit so your monitors are closer to aligned horizontally. Something like this would do the trick nicely.

Multiple Monitor Stand: You can easily connect another monitor to your laptop and you can add multiple monitors to increase your productivity. To clean up your multiple-monitor layout, you can mount a pair of monitors on inexpensive stands (or here’s a clamp-on model) that make things look much nicer (these are the stands we have on all our desks here at the office). And if you’re looking for nicer monitors to put on those stands (because there is definitely a difference between higher end monitors and cheap ones), contact us to learn more about Dell’s various business monitor options.

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