#GivingTuesday: Join us in supporting a great cause

    Stone Soup Group

    As part of our core purpose to better the lives of others, we set aside a portion of our net income to charities we support. December 1st, 2015, is #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving. While any of these organizations would be great to support, we’re making a donation to Stone Soup Group with the goal to help them raise $5000 this #GivingTuesday. Read on about their mission, more about #GivingTuesday and what Stone Soup plans on doing with this money for the Anchorage community.

    #GivingTuesday is a nationwide campaign designed to promote giving during the holiday season. For one day, non-profits solicit donations in the wake of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” as an alternative to the traditional shopping craze.

    The goal for single-day campaigns like this is to allow groups like Stone Soup Group to quickly raise funds with minimal expenses so more of their time and resources can go directly to families. Funds raised from this campaign will support activities and services currently not fully funded through grants. This year they are focusing on building a Parent-to-Parent program that helps build peer support and connect families with similar experiences with one another. These activities and other successful projects were created after listening to the stories of families and working to fill gaps that existed within our community for youth with special needs.

    Last year Stone Soup Group served over 1000 families caring for children with special needs in 60 communities throughout Alaska. They did this by providing activities, resources, information and training to help parents understand the numerous systems required to get their children assistance when they need it most. When a family receives this kind of assistance they are better able to manage day to day life and support their child no matter where they are in their journey.

    By providing a donation to Stone Soup Group and joining the national #GivingTuesday campaign, you will be supporting Alaska’s youth with special needs and their families while encouraging individual giving. Individual giving is an essential part of sustainability for Stone Soup Group and other non-profits throughout the state. We hope you will join us this year as we raise funds to support families in Alaska.

    Feel free to participate in a number of ways on December 1st. Volunteer your time, donate to a charity of your choice or help spread the word by taking an #UnSelfie and posting it to your social media accounts.

    Read more about StoneSoup group and their goals and how they contribute to the community in Anchorage at http://www.stonesoupgroup.org/ and we hope you join us in contributing on this #GivingTuesday.

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