Goals for 2014

    At Weston, like many companies, we set goals every year that we’d like to achieve. Here are a couple that are on our “to-do” list for 2014, and you’ll be hearing more about them as the year progresses via our newsletter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

    • No matter which regulation your business may fall under – HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc… — how your technology works and is operating is a large part of meeting the requirements and staying in compliance. We are working on solutions to help businesses of all shapes and sizes – whether they are in a regulated industry or not – protect their data and lessen their liability. We are working on or have solutions for full disk encryption, email encryption, anti-virus monitoring and reporting, firewall monitoring and reporting, patch management, staff training, risk assessments and more. We will be sending out and posting more information on these solutions as the year progresses, but contact us if you’re needing help in any of these areas.
    • As part of this, we’d also like to share our knowledge in this area with business owners on how they can help protect themselves and lessen their liability. We are planning to hold at least a couple free events this year (in partnership with other local businesses) to discuss the various risks that are out there and what you can do to help protect yourself. More details on those events will be forthcoming on our blog, newsletter, and social media sites. Our first one is planned in a little over a month, and we’ll be sharing details here as soon as we have everything ironed out.

    Those just two of our many goals for the year, and as we move forward in 2014, we’ll undoubtedly be sharing more. Keep an eye on this space to hear more of what we’re trying to accomplish and how you can help us get there (like our fundraiser for charity to celebrate our 20th year in business).

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