Heartbleed Bug — Should You Be Concerned?


You may have heard of the recent Heartbleed Open SSL vulnerability.

In a nutshell, this is a fairly nasty exploit that allows people with the proper know-how to connect to affected systems and extract the means for them to “listen in” on secure transactions and extract the data within. The bad news is OpenSSL is used to secure many of the servers on the internet that are used for everything for antivirus software, to online shopping to secure email.

One bright spot is as far as we can tell (it is still early) most Microsoft products (which the majority of you have) have not been affected.

We have contacted our vendors and the answer from most of them at this point is just “we are currently researching.” The Department of Homeland Security website has more info about the vulnerability and the affected systems to the extent that they are known

Also here is an article from CNET with a bit more info and what you can do to protect yourself to the extent possible.

As more info becomes available, we will be updating this blog with more information. 

Thanks for trusting us with your technology needs! Any new updates will be posted below.

Update on 4/10/14 @ 9:40 AM: Many of our clients use Dell TZ and NSA-class Sonicwall firewalls. These firewalls are not affected by this vulnerability

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