How To Proof Selected Text in Word

    Microsoft Word LogoIf you’ve ever worked on a massive document (say you’re writing a book or something), you have probably run into a time where you’ve wanted to run spelling or grammar check on a bit of text in your masterpiece and not the whole thing. The problem is that in Word 365, you couldn’t run spell or grammar check on just a selection of your document, like you could in older version of Microsoft Word. One thing we’ll give Microsoft is that when its users grumble enough about a feature that used to exist in Word, they’re much more open about that conversation and when it gets implemented. Very soon you can use the proofing tools in Microsoft Word 365 to check on selected text instead of the entire document. Here’s how you do it.

    First off, open up the document and select the text you want to proof.

    Right-click on the selected text and select Review Text in Editor:

    In the Editor pane, check over the issues that are found and address accordingly:

    This feature is available to Office 365 subscribers running Current Channel (Preview) Version 2103 (Build 13929.20216) or later and is on a gradual roll out. So don’t panic if you don’t see the feature in your version of Word quite yet, it’ll get there soon. Here’s how you check your version of Office 365.

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