How to Share Your Outlook Calendar

It can be very handy in a business environment for other folks in your company to be able to see your calendar to see when you’re busy, to schedule events for you, etc.. . Here’s how you share a calendar in Outlook.

Open up your Outlook Calendar and go to ribbon menu. Select Share Calendar:

Choose a calendar to share:

By default, folks in your organization can view when you’re busy. But if you want them to see more specifics, select Add, decide who to share your calendar with, and then select OK:

You’ll see the added people with a default permission level (which varies depending on your organization setup, but by default it’s generally “Can View All Details”). You can select the name and change their permissions levels if necessary:

The permissions you give do the following:

  • Can view when I’m busy. Those sharing your calendar with this permission level can only see which times you’re available, like this:
  • Can view titles and locations. Those sharing your calendar with this permission level will see availability and the subject and meeting location, like this:
  • Can view all details. Those sharing your calendar with this permission level will see all details of your appointments, just like what you see.

That person will then receive an email with a link to accept the share calendar access. One they accept that shared calendar invite, they can then see the shared calendars on their Outlook list:

You can also select “View in Overlay Mode” to see how everybody’s calendars line up.

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