Insert Icons into Your Word Documents

Microsoft Word 2013 logoWhile you’ve been able to add pictures, symbols, and shapes using built-in tools in Microsoft Word for many versions, Microsoft recently added the ability the add icons to documents, adding over 350 brand new icons last month. So how do you get started to insert an icon in Word? It’s pretty easy.

Head to the “Insert” menu in Word, and click on the “Icons” menu. You’ll get a pop-up with a pile of icons sorted into categories:

After you’ve selected your icon and hit “Insert,” you’ll see it show up in your document:

The best thing about Microsoft’s icon collection is they are all vector-based icons. What that means is that they can be resized as large as need be without losing any quality:

And because it’s a built-in feature in Word, you can use Word’s graphic formatting features to add colors, outline it, etc… . Just right-click and select “Format Graphic” (or click on the “Format” tab after clicking on the icon). Then you can do all sorts of things you probably shouldn’t do with it:

While this is obviously a horrendous example, it shows what is possible so you can incorporate a bit more flair to your Word documents.

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