Intel 14th Gen CPUs are Coming, Dell Business Machine Updates

Later this year, Intel’s 14th Gen Processors will be released. Intel has promised better performance and power efficiency. However, they’re incremental upgrades, so don’t expect crazy fast speed improvements. There is no real reason to replace your machine immediately. Just wait until your machine his the four year mark, per our recommendations.

What this does mean, however, is that Dell will be updating their business line-up of computers to start using the new processors and starting putting out new models. This would include the Optiplex, Latitude, and Precision line-up of desktops and laptops. While you’ll see the processors start to appear earlier in Dell’s Consumer products (Inspiron, for example), Dell typically waits longer to introduce new processors to their business line up (they’re not alone in this – most business-class computers like HP ProBooks are this way). They do this to favor stability versus shine as they know businesses don’t always need the latest and greatest: They want something that works and works reliably.

As such, according to our Dell partner contacts, they’re currently planning on release laptops and desktop computers based on Intel 14th Gen CPUs early next year (tentatively around March of 2024).

What that means for you: Since this is an incremental upgrade, we don’t recommend going out to buy a 14th Gen immediately unless you’re in the need for a new computer already. And you’re not going to lose much by buying a 13th (or even 12th-gen) Generation Intel-based system, though you will likely save money.

For the record, if you’re comparing things: the generation of the CPU is distinguished by the model number: So an i5-14600K is a 14th-generation (see the “14” in the model number?) while an i5-13600K is a 13th-generation. And you can compare the various i-models on our previous blog post.

What that will also mean is that sometime next year Dell will (more than likely) start selling the 13th-generation models cheaper to get rid of them. So be thinking of that next March/April, and contact us and we might be able to switch a deal with Dell for you.

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