Is Your IT Support Secure?

securityIf you have read the news lately, you’ll know that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like Weston are a target for hackers because of the amount of access folks like us have to multiple client networks. Some of the horror stories of mass ransomware attacks recently were caused by MSPs that didn’t have proper security precautions in-place or out-of-date, un-patched software that they use to access client environments. Weston takes client (and our own) security very seriously. We had the patches in-place for some recent remote-control vulnerabilities soon after they were released. We require multi-factor authentication in every internal application we use to access a client’s network. We have very strict password strength and rotation policies for the accounts we use to access client’s networks. And we have a multi-tiered approach to protecting your environment and we use the same tools with our network. Thank you for your trust, and we’ll do what we can to continue to protect you from the bad guys.

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