Last Chance to Purchase Windows 7 Machines

    Windows 7

    Microsoft is requiring that PC manufacturers quit selling Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 preinstalled on computers later this year. Dell has told us that they will stop selling Windows 7 systems after September. While Windows 10 is a fine system, it’s a much different system, that’s for sure. Windows 7 will be supported by Microsoft until at least 2020. The only way to get it installed on a computer after September will be to purchase a Windows 10 volume license agreement from Microsoft, which gives you downgrade rights from Window 10 to install Windows 7 or 8.1. And that won’t be cheap.

    So if you’re shopping for a new business computer keep in mind that you’ll want to do it now rather than later if you want Windows 7. And let us know if you’d like us to get a quote your direction for a Windows 7 computer.

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