Lose Your Phone? Tips to Help You Find It

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If you’re lost your phone, you may be in a panic (we don’t blame you). However, there is no need to panic: You can frequently find your phone by just logging into a simple web site. Let us show you how to find your phone

Here are a few options you have to find your phone:

Android Device: If you have an Android-powered phone (which is pretty much any phone that doesn’t have an Apple or Windows logo on it), you can tell Google to “Find my phone”. That will send you to the Google Find my Phone page where you can then click on the device you’re trying to track down (you may have to log into your Google account). Once you click on the device, you will have several options including ringing the phone, locating it, locking it, etc… . If your phone was stolen, you can go to the Android Device Manager and perform many of the same features, including erasing the phone if need be.

iPhone (Apple Device): If you have an iPhone, head over to icloud.com/find. Login to your iCloud account and you should see your device listed. If the icon is green, that means it’s online and can be located. If the icon is gray, but it was recently online, you’ll see the time it was last located and you can click on the icon for more details. There is a remote-wipe options available as well. See this Apple support article for more details.

Windows Phone: While we don’t see these too often out in the wild, they are still useful devices (Editor’s note: my kids have them because they were cheap). You can find your phone by logging into account.microsoft.com/devices. Choose the phone you want to find and then click “Find My Phone.” More details on Microsoft’s support site. They also have remote wipe options available as well.

Need more control on phones used for business? Weston is now a IBM MaaS360 service provider. We’re rolling it out to our phones in our office, and are working on rolling it out to some clients as well. You can read more about MaaS360 on IBM’s site or contact us at 541-383-2340 for more details on what the software can do to protect your confidential information from being accessible on employees’ devices.

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