Making a Single Page Landscape in Word

    By default, when you create a document in Microsoft Word, it sets the page up in what is called portrait view (taller than wider, basically). That works for most instances, but sometimes, however, you need to layout a singular page landscape (sideways) orientation. Here’s a quick way to do it.

    First off, create your masterpiece of a document.

    Secondly, highlight the text, images and other content you want on a landscape page:

    Go up to the Layout tab on the ribbon menu, and select the little arrow on the “Page Setup” section:

    On the menu that pops up, select “Landscape” and make sure to apply it to “Selected Text”:

    And now if you look at your whole page view, you’ll see your singular page that’s aligned differently (you may need to rearrange things slightly if images wrap weird):

    For one-off, single-page changes, this will work for most uses. However, if you have a complicated document where multiple pages are going to be turned or certain sections of our document are going to be that way, no matter how many pages you add to that section, you’ll likely want to use section breaks and layout specific sections of your document certain way. You can read this article on how to do that.

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