Microsoft Comings and Goings

Cortana is Going Away (mostly): Later this year, Microsoft is phasing out the Cortana app in Windows. That basically means that the Cortana standalone application and the interface on the Windows task bar is going away. Cortana-esque features are still going to be built into various other apps and Windows features (like Windows and Microsoft 365 Copilot, voice access in Windows and in Teams rooms, among others). Hopefully this means that the “HI THERE I’M CORTANTA” out-of-box experience is going to go completely away as our office has looked (and sounded) like this a few times when we’re setting up a bunch of laptops at once.

Microsoft Edge for Business in development: Edge is a good browser and more folks in our office (and in our clients’ offices) are using it. That being said, it’s obviously a browser primarily focused on consumer use with its various Bing and other marketing and ad features. Microsoft is working on an Edge for Business version of their browser that will have some visual distinction, better switching between personal and business profiles, company branding, and more as well as separation of personal and business browsing and data.

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