Microsoft Email Blacklist Issue

We are aware that since last Friday many of you have had issues sending to Microsoft-owned addresses: (,, etc.) This is due to Microsoft blacklisting some of the IP addresses that our email security provider (known as WestonBlock) uses to send messages out on. We have been in contact with our provider daily and they still do not have a resolution. As it stands, it is up to Microsoft to remove the block. Engineers at both companies are trying to come to an agreement to be able to do that.

We did speak to a rather helpful engineer today who told us that since all of their outbound servers are load balanced and not all of their IP addresses were affected, your best option is to try and wait 20 minutes and resend the email. Chances are that after a bit more time, another server will be less busy than the one your email  tried to route through the first time and there is a better chance that your email will go out.

This is currently only affecting clients who are sending their email through WestonBlock’s outbound protection server (which would include our CompleteCare customers or if you use WestonBlock’s email encryption services).

We realize that this is quite an inconvenience for many of you and we are doing all we can to remedy the situation and put pressure on our vendors to resolve the issue, but unfortunately this issue is out of our direct control. We will update this blog post as soon as there is a resolution in-place.

Note: This issue has been resolved.

— Your Weston Support Team

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