Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Teams LogoWe like keyboard shortcuts here, as they’re the quickest way to get things done. If you don’t ever have to leave the keyboard to navigate and trigger commands, you can fly through your work. We’ve talked about keyboard shortcuts for Word, Outlook, Excel, Windows Key and Windows Run commands. Now that we’re all spending a ton of time in Teams, here are some useful Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + shift + M – Mute/unmute yourself
  • Ctrl + shift + O – Turn on/off your camera
  • Ctrl + N – Start a new chat
  • ^ – Hit your arrow key up and it will edit your last message sent (without needing to click on the “…” menu)
  • Ctrl + O – Attach a file
  • Ctrl + 1+ 2 + 3 – Navigate up and down the left navigation menu. (i.e. Ctrl + 1 = Activity feed; Ctrl +2 = Chat; Ctrl + 3 = Teams etc.)
  • Ctrl + E – Quick access to the search bar at the top of Teams (this is the same shortcut to access the search bar in Outlook).
  • Ctrl + / – See all of the commands that you can use to easily navigate to different locations, access content, or set your status.

Interested in more? Type “Ctrl-.” to see all the available shortcuts or check out this Microsoft Support article.

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