Microsoft Wants You to Stop Using Internet Explorer

We’ve known for years that Internet Explorer is the dinosaur of the browser world. It generally doesn’t support modern web development or security standards like a browser like Chrome or Firefox do. Even Microsoft has asked you to stop using Internet Explorer. In a blog post, Microsoft senior cybersecurity architect Chris Jackson said that by continuing to use Internet Explorer, organizations are creating a “technical debt”, which basically means that businesses are selecting the easiest most convenient solution now rather than thinking about a long-term ramifications.

Long story short, quit using legacy Internet Explorer and move to a modern browser.

Microsoft would love to force folks to use a modern browser, even going as far as rebuilding its new Edge browser on the same code that Chrome is based on. Chrome, really, is the new MSIE 6 (old school Web developers will understand that) since it’s being used by more folks than any browser.

The problem is that loads of legacy web sites out there are still using ActiveX Controls, Java Applets, and other insecure Internet Explorer-only features that just won’t work in any other browser. We know that as well as anybody, as we’ve run into more than a few line-of-business Web sites that clients use that require Internet Explorer to run right (so we end up creating hard-coded Internet Explorer shortcuts or experimenting with Chrome’s Legacy Browser Support). If you have a web app that is critical to your business and requires Internet Explorer to use, discuss with your vendor their long-term plans in terms of browser support. If Microsoft wants you to quite using Internet Explorer, your vendors will be more likely to listen. If you’re a CompleteCare client and would like us to be a part of those conversations, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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