Microsoft Word Turns 40

We mentioned it in passing in last month’s newsletter, but Microsoft Word – the word processor that is ubiquitous to offices everywhere – turned 40 years old recently. Microsoft published a timeline of Word’s innovations recently to show how far the program has come.

MS Word Visual Timeline

While the folks at Office Watch understandably call it a bit of revisionist history, the product still has come quite a long ways since version 1.0 40 years ago. I remember using it back on Windows 3.0 and thinking it was the greatest thing ever (having used non-WYSIWYG word processors before). It’s come a long way, and while there is always room for improvement and missteps along the way, I think we can all agree that it’s a pretty awesome product that can do some cool things.

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  • Tarhib IT

    On October 25, 2023, Microsoft Word celebrated its 40th anniversary. From humble beginnings as “Multi-Tool Word” in 1983, it’s evolved into the ubiquitous word processor used by millions worldwide. This blog post takes a look back at the history of Microsoft Word and its significant impact on how we write and communicate. I appreciate the insights you provided in your blog. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

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