Minimize Office Down Time with Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions


Let’s do some basic math: How much do you pay your total staff on an hourly basis? How much would you lose if those employees could not do any work – sales, production, admin, anything – for an hour? Or two? How about for an entire day or two or more?

That’s probably a pretty scary number, isn’t it?

Some server failures can take days to recover from. If your business could not survive extended network downtime, then you need a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution that can get you back up and running in a matter of hours (or even minutes) instead of days. How does that sound to you?

As we’ve stated before (and even demonstrated ourselves), having a proper disaster recovery plan is vital to any business. The biggest key of that is to have good backups that are tested and current. To minimize recovery and “Get me back up and running!” time, those backups should be local to another dedicated backup server (with offsite for emergencies). They also need to be full system backups that can be spun up in a virtual environment and act as your server while your physical server is repaired or replaced.

This sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Weston Technology Solutions has a BDR hardware and software solution that will handle backups for your environment, copy the data offsite, and allow you to run your server in a virtual environment should your main server need repairs or be taken offline. Virtualization can happen in minutes from the click of a button, getting your business back up and operational.

Not only that, but if a local disaster occurs, your offsite data can be virtualized and business can continue as usual with your server in the cloud. The full system backups are also verified by booting the system in a virtual environment and taking a screenshot, so you’ll know that your backups are good.

That kind of ready-to-go protection is not the least costly solution, but it pays for itself quickly with reduced recovery times. Call Weston Technology Solutions today and allow us to discuss your current backup retention policies and uptime requirements to make sure your environment will support you goals.

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