Missing Calibri? How to Get Rid of Aptos (Mostly)

    We mentioned last year that Microsoft was slowly going to be changing the default font in the various Office applications from Calibri to Aptos. The change started to roll out to the bulk majority of folks recently, and folks are annoyed – so much so that font changes have made CNN News and some pretty funny videos (for font nerds like us):

    The roll out hasn’t been smooth, with Office Watch pointing out Microsoft’s poor font substitution. Thankfully, it’s (mostly) not too hard to roll back to Calibri as your default. Unfortunately, you have to do it in a few different places:

    Changing back to Calibri in Outlook for Windows

    Head to File menu, and select “Options”.

    Then click on “Mail” and then “Stationery and Fonts…”

    Click on the “Font…” button to open the font dialog box:

    Then change the default back to “Calibri” and save.

    Then repeat for the other two “Font boxes” (for “Replying or Forwarding message” as well as “Composing and reading plain text messages”) and you should have Calibri back across the board.

    Changing Back to Calibri in Word

    If you’re starting to see Aptos show up in Word (it was rolled out to Outlook first) and want it to change back to Calibri, here’s how to do it.

    Make a new blank document in Word. Under the “Design” tab, click on “Themes” and select the “Office 2013-2022 Theme” (the theme name is cut off a bit, so hold your mouse over to see the full name).

    One you’ve made that change and you want it to be the default for all documents going forward, click on the “Set as Default” and then “Yes” on the pop-up to enable it for new documents going forward:

    Changing Back to Calibri in Excel

    As it stands right now, there isn’t a simple way to set the defaults in Excel to continue to use the other Calibri-based theme as the default so you’ll be stuck manually selecting the previous themes on each document should you not like the new color scheme (you can see a comparisons of old and new here), but you can at least change the font on new documents. Here’s how you change the default to Calibri.

    Go up to the “File” menu and select “Options” and then click on the default font drop down where it says “Body Font” currently.

    Select “Calibri” and that should force it going forward. Thankfully, the default new font in Excel is Aptos Narrow, which isn’t nearly as jarring of a change, but this should still allow you to make that change.

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